page 49. “Therefore, he who wishes to be a good pupil, besides performing his assigned task, must put forth every effort to resemble his master. Where
possible, the student should transform himself into his master.”

page 301. “You begin to believe your own lies, and all is lost! You have abandoned virtue as an objective—and before long you shall abandon reason for madness, acknowledging all absurdity, for all will become confusion when right and wrong become relative. It seems to me your life is but a game without rules. What shall be the end sought by such nebulous beliefs in nothing? Regretfully, there is great power in nihilism. How hard you labor to prove the chasm’s existence. But ours is not a life led by chance, letting the nameless wind turn the pages of life.”

“When the day comes, you shall rush onto the fighting field of life. In your weakness you will seek out your banner, only to find it held by a faceless form waving an invisible flag. And what shall be your reward as a servant of nothingness but a harvest not worth gathering—or worse—a harvest of harm? When one believes in nothing, everything is permitted. Soon King Anarchy and his knights—Tumult, Rumor, and Destruction—march across a borderless realm to usher in its ruin.”

page 310. “The seeds of comfort often take root in the soil of adversity; watered by tears and warmed by the heat of difficulty and frustration, the seedling pushes forward toward the light of life. And in love’s light a clear and new perspective stems.”