about the author | leadership with integrityThe election of 2008 was a moment of profound “change” for America. But let it be recalled that not all change is beneficial and not all movement is forward.  Americans soon discovered the new miseries of subjugation, leadership devoid of integrity, authoritarianism and Statist control. The smell of Revolution rapidly permeated the air. But only fools rush into battle lacking a plan or guide.


By sheer chance Stevenson discovered the long dormant Renaissance masterpiece, “The Courtier”, by Baldassare Castiglione. The burgeoning Renaissance, this rebirth and revival, came to life as a result of chaos, ignorance, corruption and the pain such an environment produces. Change was in order. We as Americans stand at a critical moment in the history of our country. We must set forth the definition of freedom-based leadership and demand adherence to that ideal.


Utilizing the wisdom of the ancient Greeks and Romans, augmented with Biblical principles and scripture, Castiglione’s masterpiece has been respectfully strengthened to provide a firm foundation for an American Renaissance. Americans today long for leadership adorned with the dignity only virtue and integrity bestow. We require a thorough understanding of liberty and the subsequent responsibility necessary to maintain its health.  In these pages, let us gain an appreciation for prudence in peacetime and periods of affluence. For in reorienting ourselves and our country to virtuous character we can ensure freedom for our children and once more hold upright Lady Liberty’s torch as a light unto the world.



After a career of public service in the medical field, Stevenson today is a political activist, working diligently with millions to re-establish the health, strength, and wonder that was once representative of the great republic known as the United States of America. She currently resides in the suburbs of Chicago and southwest Florida.


“I admit myself unfit and unworthy to have taken upon such an endeavor alone. So it is with confident gratitude that I have discovered a foundation of supreme strength upon which to build. Five hundred years ago, Baldissare Castiglione wrote The Book of the Courtier, which was published in 1528. It was considered the handbook for proper behavior within a court setting. It is upon his beautiful legacy that this adaptation is derived. His appreciation of all things beautiful, his artistic literary style, and his desire to promote what is honorable inspired the resurrection of this work. Things of beauty and worth deserve rebirth.”


–D.A. Stevenson