Servants and Statesmen | Rules and Guidance Long Forgotten

The book, “Servants and Statesman: Rules and Guidance Long Forgotten” (S/S), the reader sees, hears, and feels men and women conversationally contemplating what makes for the best leaders, politicians, princes, government and world. Mankind had recently suffered genocide at the hand of Mother Nature, the Black Death. Isolated incidences of the deadly pestilence kept the living in perpetual terror. Those remaining desired a renewed world order to make sense of ubiquitous chaos and its progeny, mass misery. The living labored to gain a better understanding of humanity, literature, science, and faith so as to prevent regression into the dark days of ignorance and death.

Within these pages the reader will see, hear and feel the passion and birth pains of a new era about to breathe its first breath and take the stage in the theater of Western Civilization. Through poetry and prose, debate and dance, the men and women of the Court of Urbino will paint a portrait of a bygone epoch whose impact touches us to this day.

Excerpts from the book:

page 15. “In the end, what is it all about? Death comes for us all, nobles and nobodies, king and commoner, we are all equals in our earthly destiny (Heb. 9:27; Eccl. 9:2-3). Strange way to begin, with an end, but such is my muse. Of solace, I find none; of solidity, my hands stay empty. I sit in clear view of the westering sun descending behind the mountain range: staring, deep in reflection, grasping at shadows in the dusk of uncertainty and sadness. Twilight’s rays herald day’s final moments as time’s heavy hand swings furious hammer strokes with each tick of the clock. Soon, all is dark.”

page 281. “Truth, honor, love, and all good are building materials of worth. When morality is forsaken, the people lack then the protection of those laws, which arose from the recognition of virtue. It is then that they are bruised and galled—and the keys to their yoke can be tightened with impunity! Then they shall see the difference between a life of subjugation and independence.”

“Only through the unmerited favor of God-given wisdom and divine intervention can man hope to change his lot in these circumstances. If not for this insight, man shall continue to justify his inconsistencies and evil deeds, but God’s truth requires us to change our ways.”

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